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Susana Reisman

Reisman was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977. She received a BA in Economics from Wellesley College (Boston, MA) in 1999 and an MFA in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York) in 2005. After teaching photography for a number of years, Susana now dedicates her time to making art and running Circuit Gallery. Reisman lives and works in Toronto.

Photosculptures – Rust
Digital C-print, edition of 10
31 x 41 inches framed

Jerry Riley

Riley works in many parts of the world.  Riley’s work in the Canadian arctic began in 1989 and has continued through 2007.  In 1990 he set up a small studio inviting the local residents in for tea and a portrait sitting.  Also included in the body of work are landscapes captured during these travels in the far north, a place of light, pastels, and colours sharpened by the cold.  Riley has also worked in South America and Asia, and since 2005 has been working in East Africa on various projects focusing on raising awareness of African creativity and success.  Riley’s latest series titled Building 13 studies the reflections, light and the many personalities of Toronto’s architectural urban landscapes.  

Building 2295
Giclee, edition of 5
14 x 20 inches unframed





Linda Rutenberg

Rutenberg is best known for her surreal and ethereal B&W infrared images.  Her work deals with the city and man's relationship to this environment, culminating in the book “Mont Royal - A World Apart”.  In addition she has produced another body of work about cities which include eleven books and uses the Polaroid Transfer technique which results in painterly works on watercolour paper.  Over the last 4 years Rutenberg has been photographing gardens all around the world at night which have produced many lush and sensuous colour photographs, a departure from her previous style.  This on-going series has lead to three books each revealing unique views of enchanted places.  “The English Garden” (2009), “After Midnight” (2008) & “The Garden at Night” (2007).  Copies of these beautiful books are available for purchase through MRFA

Torch Ginger (2010 04 EDN2 5629)
Giclee, edition of 10
45-1/4 x 31-3/4 inches framed



Rick Vincil

In Vincil's current body of work he examines the human relationship to landscape and environment in “A Shape of Shoreline”, a study in time, 3-D form, and light. Through these photographs Vincil presents the questions “as we scramble to salvage our environment from decades of neglect, how will we decide what is worth saving? What has become sacred to us, and what will fall by the wayside?”. Vincil also has a series entitled, Industrial Parks. It consists of photographs taken in the Commissioners Street area of Toronto, Ontario, as well as several demolition sites in the same city. He chooses images for their sensation of colour, surface texture and composition.

AFG Factory #4
Chromogenic print, edition of 5
33 x 40 inches, framed



Ray Charles White

White was written up in ArtNews as one of 20 rising stars in the art world under the age of 40.  His most famous shots include black & white portraits of Dennis Hopper, David Hockney, Leo Castelli, Tony Bennett, John Updike, and Roy Lichtenstein.  Ray Charles studied with Ansel Adams in the early eighties and has had a long-term association with David Hockney.  Since 1986, he has been involved in an on-going project to document Hockney's unique vision and personality.  White is currently compiling his hundreds of images into a book.  White's career has been earmarked by what Bruce Headlam, of Saturday Night Magazine, called "his reverence for photographic history, his talent for finding famous subjects, [and] his hair trigger camera finger".

Delancey Street
Enamel on anodized aluminum, edition of 38
67 x 89-1/2 inches



Arnold Zageris

Zageris' visual impression of the world is perceived as a continuous mix of complexities, order and disorder. It is both pleasurable and rewarding to discover and record the underlying rhythms concealed in hidden forms and elusive colours. These compelling stimuli can be found everywhere; be it in the familiar city streets or in the exotic environment of an arctic sea cave. His commitment is then to search and find the quality of light that can inspire the imagination, add value to an ordinary subject or bring attention to objects passed by.

Fractured Rock of Labrador
Ultrachrome print, edition of 15
30 x 24 inches unframed

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