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Jennifer McGregor

Jennifer McGregor's hundreds of thick, scraped strokes of paint cover the canvas to create an overall unpredictable pattern. Using repetition, asymmetry, colour and texture, these patterns are informed in part by principals of mathematics and elements of the natural world. Jennifer is an Honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, has lived and painted for a number of years in Florence, Italy, and now resides and paints in Toronto, Canada. Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections in North America, Italy, the UK, and India.

Forest Deep
Oil on canvas 
60 x 50 inches


MCGREGOR - forest deep


Udo Noger

Noger was born in Enger, Gemany. This German Expressionist artist uses materials ranging from oils to wax, wood, burlap, and charcoal. Many of his 'paintings' have a sculptural quality that concerns the piece as a whole, rather than just a flat surface. Noger has had many solo shows throughout Europe and North America.

Untitled (Head and Figures)
Oil, acrylic, charcoal on paper
15-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches framed





Shawna Patenaude

Greatly influenced by her fine art studies in the Ontario College of Art’s Florence, Italy Off-Campus Program, Patenaude has developed a sense of light and shadow reminiscent of the master painters she studied.  Rather than simply re-creating an image on canvas, she aims to express its essence by giving it a home on the canvas and bathing it in light and sinking it in darkness.

Patenaude’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States and Italy.

Green Apples 01-26
Oil on board
24 x 24 inches




Charles Ringness

Ringness born in Minnesota, is now a Professor of Art at the University of Saskatchewan. He draws on his memories of childhood experiences to create playful and dream-like images such as his old rural schoolhouse. Ringness has had numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada and is in the collection of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg and the Kenderdine Gallery at the University of Saskatchewan.

Please Ask for Help
Mixed Media on Paper

24 x 36 inches unframed





Richard Roblin

Roblin’s background as a practicing architectural designer led him to start an extensive study of basic architectural elements: point, line, and plane. Clarity in its formal articulation is a primary concern to Roblin. The process of painting is building itself. The painted structures, the contrast of form and the luminosity of colour creates a very seductive illusion.

Origin III
Acrylic on canvas 
54 x 54 inches






Hanna Ruminski

Ruminski takes inspiration from the simplest lines and forms in children's drawings; the pure intuition and the "scribbles" describing their world. Her sophisticated colours and textures mix with straight lines and flowing curves, forming paintings of beauty. Ruminski invites the viewer to find humour in serious statements, and a have sense of child's play with her work.

For Rula
Mixed media on canvas 
55 x 55 inches





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