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Tamara Bahry-Paterson

Born in Toronto, Canada, Tamara Bahry held a career in finance, although art and photography were always her passions. In 1990 she began to experiment with photography and was so compelled by the instant beauty achievable through this medium she knew one day it would be her focus. Although she started working on Canadian landscapes she has been drawn to abstract within nature, achieving to present the familiar and everyday in unexpected ways.

Tamara has won several awards for her photography work in Canada and has been an exhibitor in a number of galleries and competitions. Her work has appeared in several publications, including En Route, Photo Life, and Cottage Life.

Muskoka Sunset
Chromira print, edition of 10
30 x 30 inches



Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-USA-based photographer, artist, writer and filmmaker. With a background in literature and writing, he worked for more than a dozen years in the field of Philanthropy, raising private money for elite schools like Dartmouth College and the London School of Economics. Then a couple of life-changing events compelled him to pursue a full-time creative career. Boffoli was a resident of Lower Manhattan and was a first-hand witness to the events of September 11, 2001. Just a few years later he was nearly killed while mountaineering at high elevation on Mt. Rainier in the Cascades. Since that time Boffoli has traveled the world, working as an editorial and documentary photographer. At home in Seattle he also works as a journalist and fine art photographer. Boffoli uses meticulously hand-painted scale figures, in real food environments, to create engaging and humorous scenes that also offer commentary on America's often dysfunctional relationship with food.

Christopher Boffoli's work has been published, online and in print, in more than 80 countries around the world. Images from his Disparity series can be found in galleries and private collections in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.

Citrus mower
Digital lambda c-print mounted on dibond aluminum and acrylic, edition of 30
24 x 36 inches


Zesty mower


Barbara Cole

Barbara Cole is a Canadian-based, self-taught photographic artist, who has built an extraordinary career in image making.  Cole tends to engage with the human form in a world where beauty, colour and light have become pre-eminent.  The craft of photography, the engagement of the human form and the handling of colour are equally important.
Cole’s work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Washington, Toronto and it is widely collected by both public and private institutions.  A permanent installation of her first underwater show, Underworld, is at the M. Lau Breast Cancer Centre at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital.   She recently completed a show of her latest work, White NOise, a series of large Lenticular underwater images at Toronto’s newest International Airport terminal.

Digital print on watercolour paper, edition of 15
30 x 40 inches unframed




Clay Davidson

Davidson was born in Jamaica and is a Canadian citizen. He has studied, traveled and worked in various parts of Canada making photography his chosen profession. The world of discovery, creativity, and communication came to him early; he chose black & white photography to depict a mood, spirit and clarity of the subject. Europe has greatly inspired him; since 1984, people, culture and nature have all contributed to his projects. In spring of 2001, a successful 15-year retrospective of Clay's work was held in Vancouver. Clay Davidson’s photographs are among numerous collections including the Bibliothéque Nationale de France.

Wall Art Study, Street Girl, Paris
1992, printer later
Sepia toned gelatin silver print, edition of 10
20 x 16 inches unframed



Alan W. Davis

Davis was born in Charlottetown P.E.I. and is a photographer and educator who is currently living overseas teaching art in Thailand.  He is taking this opportunity to photograph the numerous orchids & plant life that grow wild in that country. Davis has continually refined his process of exposing photo images onto canvas, and arches paper through a series of explorations. The silver leaf highlights of his works suggest a luminous property found only in early tintype photographs. The antique and distressed quality of the images combined with the rich texture and simple form of the subject matter result in an aesthetic that is approachable and pleasing with a modern sensibility.

Erwwan Water Falls I, Kanchanburi Thailand
Photo emulsion and silver leaf on canvas
39-1/2 x 55 inches




Janet Claire Dawidowicz

Each of Dawidowicz's photographs attempts to touch on universal themes. When she focuses on the delicate, fragile nature of the flower or the magical power of bones she is reflecting on universal concerns - the loss inherent in the nature of life, feelings of impermanence and the futility of grasping. With these still-lifes she is looking at the temporary nature of things, hinting at the importance of the present moment.

St. Cloud
Gelatin silver print, edition of 20
8 x 8 inches unframed




Steve Eprile

Eprile has had a varied career, starting out as a fibre artist, then working for the Metro Toronto Conservation Authority. After attending law school and earning a degree, Eprile worked for the Ombudsman's Office of Ontario and finally the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General. Eprile has gone full circle and has now returned to his artistic roots. He wanted to celebrate beauty in nature and photography's inherent wonder at the same time. The ever-changing interplay of light, water, wind, and form fascinate him.

Solar Forest
Cibachrome print, edition of 9
20 x 24 inches unframed











Steven Evans

Evans has been described by many critics as one of Canada's premiere Architectural photographers. His work is an ongoing exploration of "peopled places"--an examination of the traces of past human activity in the urban environment. Evans' black and white and colour photographs explore a series of forgotten, abandoned or merely hidden spaces, ranging from the legendary RC Harris Water Filtration Plant and Gooderham & Worts to the renovation of the old Eaton Auditorium. Suffused with light and rich detail, these quiet images are both descriptive and interpretative.

Making Room – Parking Garage
1982, printed later
Gelatin silver print
24 x 20 inches unframed




Roland Fischer

Facades on Paper includes eight photographic screenprints selected from Fischer's portraits of corporate architecture in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. Fischer photographed discrete fragments of buildings' facades in such a way as to flatten their geometry and create two-dimensional abstracts that are simple and starkly beautiful.

Facades on Paper: Tsim Sha Tsui East
Silkscreen on 2- Ply Museum board, edition of 100
35 x 25 inches unframed



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